Term Dates & Themes

Autumn Term Dates 2017
Saturday 9 September –  Thursday 14 December 2017
(half term Mon 23th October – 28 October 2017)*

*Term dates for after school clubs and Dramabuds Coulsdon may differ, please see term dates below.

Growing Buds (2 – 4 .5 years): Animal Adventures and Christmas Magic  
We will be swinging through the trees with Cheeky Monkey, Hiding under lily pads with Freddy  Frog, Hopping through Meadows with Fluffy Bunny, Munching through vegetables with Hungry Caterpillar and creeping quietly as a Morris Mouse. As the days draw shorter and the nights longer we start the dramabuds Christmas magic… Belle the Ballerina Fairy and her magic toy friends come to life and go on an adventure up to the moon. We then fly on a sleigh to the North Pole and help the elves get ready for Christmas day.

Tuesdays 1.30pm Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church
Thursdays 10.30am Kidspace, Croydon
Saturdays 9.45am West Street Evangelical Church, Carshalton
Saturdays 10am Coulsdon: coulsdon@dramabuds.co.uk

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 Full Blooms (4 – 7 years):  Trouble at Hocus Pocus Hall
A new story devised by dramabuds. The story is set in an Imaginary Wizards School ‘Hocus Pocus Hall’. Here all the children discover they have special magical powers and participate in lessons including Potions with the lovely Miss Treacle, Wandwork Mr Kapow Before uncovering the headmaster Professor Dooms’ plans to sell the school site to a multi-national supermarket chain. Now all Wizards must work together and use their powers to save the school! The term climaxes with a magical performance to family and friends.

Tuesdays 4.30pm Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church 
Saturdays 10.45am West Street Church, Carshalton
Saturdays 11am Coulsdon  coulsdon@dramabuds.co.uk
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 Budding Actors (7 – 10 years): Trouble at Hocus Pocus Hall  
We follow the Dramabuds philosophy but in Budding Actors we explore more advanced techniques of character portrayal and improvisation. As regards to the end of term performance, the children write their own lines, think up their own movements and have a say in how the performance is shaped.  These classes are a great way for children to use their creativity, imagination, literacy skills and feel ownership over a project.

Class: Saturdays 12 noon West Street Church, Carshalton

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Term dates for dramabuds Coulsdon and  after school clubs 


dramabuds Couldson –  Saturday 9 Sept – 9 Dec (half term Sat 21 Oct)

The Avenue Academy – Tuesday 12th Sept – Tuesday 19th December
The Avenue School, Belmont – Tuesday straight after school until 4.00pm.

Seaton House School – Wednesday – 13th September – Wednesday 13th December
Seaton House School  – Mondays straight after school until 4.45pm 

All Saint’s School – Friday 22nd September – Friday 8th December
All Saints School, Carshalton –  Fridays: straight after school until 4.30pm

Cuddington Community Primary – Monday 11th September – Monday 11th December 
uddington Community Primary – Mondays: straight after school until 4.15pm

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