Dramabuds Party FAQs

Party FAQs

What exactly does Dramabuds provide?

We provide a party leader to come to your party to entertain your guests, with drama, songs, dancing, games, parachute fun and bubbles around the dramabuds party theme you have chosen.

Does the party leader come in costume?

Yes for the party themes marked with * and for the others the party leader wearing their dramabuds uniform ready to lead you with their story box full of puppets and props.

Who is responsible for the welfare of the children during the party?

You as the party host/oragniser will be responsible for the overall welfare of all the children attending your party, dramabuds capacity at the party is to provide entertainment.

Do my guests need to come wearing fancy dress to fit the theme?

It is always nice to give you guests the option of coming in fancy dress if they wish and if they do it can make the party even better with 20 Pirates or Princess running around to fit the theme and makes your photos look great.

Does Dramabuds provide costumes for the children?

No we do not provide costumes for the children to dress up, please make sure you write it on the invitations (we provide) if you would like your guests to come dressed up.

What areas do you cover?

Surrey and SW London

Does the party leader come with his/her own music?

Absolutely. All you need to do is ensure we have a socket to plug in the equipment.

Can I hold the party at home or in my garden?

We welcome the party in any venue; house, church hall, garden as long as the space is clear and big enough for the number of children (and parents) invited to actively move about and sit in a circle.

Can you recommend halls we can hire?

Yes we probably can help give you the names of some halls to try locally as we have entertained in lots of different halls everywhere from Fulham to Croydon, Wimbledon to Carshalton and Banstead to Caterham, give us a call 020 8669 2355 or email so we can see if we can help.

Is there a limit to how many children?

Drama Buds parties are suitable for up to 30 children, if you are planning a party for more than 30 children please speak to us about alternatives.

Do the parents stay and watch?

Parties for under 4’s the parents are actively encouraged to join in the drama fun and activities with their children. Parties for over 4’s we only require a few adults to stay and help! Sometimes when all the parents stay at parties for the over 4’s in the same party space t’s more of a distraction than a help as it can get very noisy with parents chatting etc.

How long is a Dramabuds party?

Drama Buds party activities last 1 hour. We recommend starting 15 mins after you party start time (giving guests time to arrive get settled) and then entertaining for 1 hour. Leaving plenty of time of your party tea afterwards.

How much does a Dramabuds Party cost?

£110 For up to 15 children (1 party leader)
£120 up to 20 children (1 party leader)
£150 up to 30 children (1 party leader plus 1 party assistant).

Does Dramabuds charge for travel?

No if you live in South, SW London or North Surrey travel is free if you live outside of these areas please contact us for a travel quote which is based on travelling time and mileage.

Does Dramabuds provide party invitations?

Yes we have beautifully designed dramabuds invitations, we can send you a batch to send to your guests and best of all they are free of charge.

Does the Dramabuds party assistant come in costume?

No the dramabuds assistant wears their dramabuds uniform to the parties and assists in the running of the party when making a party booking for between 20 – 30 children.

How do I pay?

First contact us to see if your requested party date is available. A £50 deposit with completed party booking form will secure your booking. Then your remaining party balance will be due for payment at least 7 days before the party.
Payment can be made online via bank transfer or pay pal (credit/debit card) or cheque by post.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a party, contact Becca Directly on 020 8669 2355 contact us here.

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