Dramabuds Party Themes


Dramabuds Party Themes

Frozen *

Join  Princess Anna on an interactive storytelling adventure full of drama, song, dance and play as we get all children involved in the action of the Frozen story becoming Princesses, Knights, Trolls and ice queens!

We can’t express enough how brilliant the party was….  it was way more than we were expecting.  The birthday girl had the best time and was over the moon  Being “crowned” as Queen Elsa during the party was the highlight for her.  We’ll probably have to call her Queen Elsa for some time to come now”

Jungle Adventure

After enjoying a lively animal warm up with dancing and games. A tale of cheeky the monkey is performed with puppets.
The whole audience is involved in the action of the story Cheeky monkey has swung his way out of the jungle and is lost in the desert will his friends, wise old elephant, roaring loin, hopping green frog and really tall giraffe be able to rescue him? The whole party go on an adventure together swinging through trees, hiding under lily pads, stomping  through swamps, running on hot sand, swimming in the sea with cheeky monkey before finally flying back home to the jungle aboard a kite. Recommended ages 2 – 4 years.

Fun at the Farm

We journey to Old Mac Donald’s Farm for some lively animal games. Meet cow who likes to moo and chew, The ducks who like to quack, Galloping horse, Muddy pig and white rabbit, Oh no white rabbit has hopped off and got herself lost? All the animals must use their special animal powers to help Old Mac Donald and his 10, 000 men to rescue poor white rabbit. The tale is performed with puppets and includes lots of traditional nursery rhymes then all the children pretend to be the farm animals and go on a journey together to rescue White rabbit before floating back home with the bubbles. Recommended age 2 – 3 years.

Mini Bugs

We start the party with a Mini Bugs ball then our story is performed with puppets and nursery rhymes. Incy Spider, green frog, ladybird with 6 spots, and the singing birds live happily with munching caterpillar in the back garden of 1 Woodstock Road.
Munching Caterpillar has eaten all the vegetables in the patch climbs up and over the garden gate and boards a red double decker bus and heads for town. All of Mini bugs use their special bug powers to rescue Caterpillar who pushes himself out of the cocoon and floats up into the air as a beautiful butterfly. Your party guests will be involved throughout the story becoming the mini bugs, singing the songs and dancing to the tunes on this adventure. Recommended age 2- 4 years.

Magical Toy Shop*

Bella the toy ballerina fairy will arrive and lead your party with a warm up of ballet dancing, solider marching, horse galloping and train choo chooing! The children are then told and perform the Magical Toy Shop tale.
Every night after the toy shop owner Mr Wibbly Wobbly Jelly goes to bed all the toys in the shop come to life. One night a hot air balloon floats into the shop all the toys climb aboard and wizz up to the moon. We discover the moon is very bouncy and is made from cheese before landing back down on Earth with a great big bump! We land in Queen Rebecca’s back garden! and discover Queen Rebecca is rather Horrid! But we play our magic game melt the Horrid Queen away and return back to the toy shop in time for tea. Recommended ages 2 – 5 years.

Fairytale Land (Knights and Princesses)*

A Fairy will arrive at your party to unveil the story of the true birthday girl princess or Birthday boy knight. The princess has been locked in the castle by the horrid Queen because the mirror has announced she is the fairest in land. Will the brave knight upon horseback be able to chop down the huge forest now surrounding the castle and fetch the key without waking the fire breathing dragon? He brings a shoe will it fit the real princess? Hooray!! The Party includes lots of dancing and a magical game of pass the parcel. Recommended age 3– 7 years.

Pirate Ship Adventure*

Captain black beard will arrive at your party in full costume ready to lead an hour of pirate dancing, games, and imaginary drama…. Climb aboard the good ship Mary, Sail the seven seas through storms and rough seas, Help! Our engine starts to blow bubbles we need to pop them all and use our parachute as a sail! But we hit a storm and our Ship is turned to a wreck so we must swim, surf and Jump the waves all the way to shore. We land on a desert island and x marks the spot we dig for the lost ancient treasure. The Treasure is found Hip, Hip Hooray. Recommended ages 3 – 7 years.

Pirates & Fairies*

Captain pink beard will arrive at your party in full costume ready to lead an hour of pirate dancing, games, and imaginary drama…. Climb aboard the good ship Mary, Sail the seven seas through storms and rough seas, Help! our friend Belle the fairy has been fairy knapped by Captain Crook! We make him walk the plank before flying with the fairies and butterflies up high into the magical sky all the way to a secret treasure island. Recommended ages 3 – 6 years.

Pirates & Mermaids*

Captain green beard will arrive at your party in full costume ready to lead an hour of pirate dancing, games, and imaginary drama…. Climb aboard the good ship Mary, Sail the seven seas through storms and rough seas, Help! our friend Melinda the Mermaid has been locked in an underwater cave by Ursula the Sea Witch! The Pirates and Mermaids must work together to free Melinda, before journeying under the sea passing jelly fish, octopuses and dolphins all the down to the bottom of the Ocean where they find to a sunken Island with hidden treasure. Recommended ages 3 – 6 years.

Peter Pan*

Peter Pan arrives at your party ready to transport all the party guests to Never Neverland. First we learn how to fly with help from tiny Tinkerbell, her fairy dust and a happy thought! After some practice off we fly and dance, high up into the night sky! We land in Never never land with a great big bump, build a den with help from the lost boys, enjoy an imaginary feast before finding a note from Peter Pan’s arch enemy Captain Hook. He has Fairyknapped Tinkerbell! There only one thing for it! We must wait till Midnight then climb aboard Captain Hook’s pirate ship and creep up and rescue Tinkerbell while Captain hook is sleeping! Mission completed we all fly safely back home in time for tea. Recommended ages 3 – 6 year.

Magical Toys in Space*

Become a toy shop ballerina fairy, marching solider, galloping horse and space cadet flying around the world. Then decide which magical toy you would like to be at the party. Mr Wibbly Wobbly Jelly owns a magical toy shop every night when he leaves the toyshop and goes home to bed all the toys come to life. They dance and play around but when Mr Jelly returns in the morning the toys must keep very still as he doesn’t know they are magical toys. Then one night a hot air balloon floats down into the toy shop ready to whisk the toys on an adventure up to the moon! The toys land on the moon and go on a space adventure flying around the solar system and visit mars on a rocket before floating back home to the toy shop inside a hot air balloon. Recommended ages 3 – 5 years.

Magic Carpet ride around the World

After a lively warm up of world music and dancing ! A carpet is discovered inside a dusty old trunk. Legend has it that the carpet is magical and when all the party guest climb aboard, the carpet is sprinkled with dust and the magical words are chanted 3 times off up into the air the carpet will fly. First we fly to cold Greenland, climb mountains and creep past the dragon to get the keys to the castle where we enjoy an imaginary feast fit for a king and queen. We then find a note telling us to fly somewhere hot to find the lost ancient sea shells. So we set off aboard the magic carpet once more and land in the Caribbean, we swim in the blue sea, have a party on the beach and enjoy a treasure hunt with clues to find the lost ancient sea shells. Recommended ages 4 – 7 years.

Hairy Scary Castle (Witches and Wizards)*

This party is great for Birthdays and even works even better for Halloween. Our confused Witch (part Witch/part fairy so not too scary!) will get your party started with a game of spooky statues. The story then unfolds as the children all become the characters and creatures who live with the Witch Horrid Hagrid inside the hairy Scary Castle. Hagrid is not happy that her fairy sister Lovely Linda has been declared the fairest in the land so she gets her cauldron ready. The children help create an invisible spell with everything horrid and disgusting from their imaginations (so the list is endless!) and BOOM! Will the wizard sees the fireworks explode in the sky and comes flying on his broomstick to rescue Lovely Linda from the scary castle now stuck in a muddy swamp. But will Will’s magic work can he send the Fire breathing dragon guarding the castle to sleep so he can rescue his Lovely Linda? Recommended age 4 – 7 years.


Join Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy on a trip through the magical Wardrobe to Narnia where it is always snowing but never Christmas, The white Queen tricks Edmund with Turkish delight and from her Ice Castle starts to turn everyone to frozen statues can the children work together with Aslan the Lion and melt the ice Queen away? At this party the children dive straight into the story becoming the characters, role playing and enjoying traditional party games with a dramatic twist along the way. Recommended ages 5 – 8 years.

Alice in Wonderland*

Alice will arrive at you party ready to transport your guests to Wonderland. We follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, before growing tall and shrinking small, through the tiny door we go to this magical new land with lots of strange creatures and happenings. The Mad Hatter invites us all to a birthday tea party where we enjoy lots of mad party games before meeting the Queen of hearts who is very mad because someone has stolen her tarts. Recommended ages 4 – 6 years.

The Great Dinosaur Hunt

Become a young explorer and travel with us back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Through interactive storytelling, drama, movement and song! The children’s imaginations will be fired as we pack our backpacks and turn back the clocks in search of a dinosaur. On our adventure we cross through muddy swamps, swish through long grass, take a boat across a huge lake and creep inside a spooky cave!
Suddenly we hear great big footsteps heading our way! Who do these footsteps belong too? Will we find a friendly plant eating Diplodocus or a scary meat eating T-Rex that is rather hungry! Recommended ages 4 – 6 years.

Superheroes* or Superheroes & Princess*

Lightning Flash our Superhero will join your party and lead a very energetic warm up so you can show off your superhero powers! Can you run really fast, Fly through the sky, Jump over buildings, spin webs and transform? Good because you will need to use all these special powers on this adventure. As we hear news from the royal palace that the Queen and the Princesses Crown Jewels have been stolen by the horrid Crocodolittle! So we must travel around the World to find the crown jewels and capture Crocodolittloe are you ready for the challenge? Let’s Party! Recommended ages 4 – 7 years.

Magical Christmas Toys

Christmas Belle the toyshop ballerina fairy will arrive at your setting and lead a warm up of ballet dancing, horse galloping and train choo chooing! The children are then told and perform the Magical Toy Shop tale. Every night after the toy shop owner goes to bed all the toys come to life. One night a hot air balloon floats into the shop all the toys climb aboard and wizz up to the moon and try to catch the moon bubbles before floating back down to  Earth. We land in the North Pole and have lots of fun in the imaginary snow, before we  return back to the Toy shop in time for Christmas morning.
Recomended ages 2 – 5 years


The Night Before Christmas

After a lively game of musical Christmas statues.  The children perform the first part of the tale  ‘The night before Christmas’ when there is a knock on the window from Rudolph. Oh no Father Christmas is not feeling very well he has a terrible cold and needs us children to gallop all the way to North pole to help save Christmas. We arrive at the North Pole have fun in the snow, make presents with the elves, Ride by sleigh through the night sky,  slide down  chimneys and then ahoo ahoo ahoo wow Father Christmas arrives to say a big thank you. Recommened ages 2 – 6 years. Cost £135

If you would like a theme that is not listed please speak to us and we will try and work our magic to arrange.
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Parties marked with an * party leader comes in themed costume.
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