Dramabuds in Schools & Nurseries

At dramabuds we specialise in providing imaginative drama classes and workshops exclusively for children aged 2 – 6 years old.
We offer schools, nurseries and early years settings, regular weekly classes, themed workshops, after school clubs and end of term drama parties.

We support all six areas of the early years foundation Stage framework (EYFS) and areas of the key stage 1 curriculum.
1. Nurture imagination and creativity through drama and imaginary play.
2. Increase confidence and boost self-esteem with fun drama games and exercises
3. Enrich a child vocabulary, and listening skills through interactive storytelling.
4. Promote physical development through dance and movement
5. Explore our world , people, animals and places through drama
6. Encourage all the children work together to solve problems set within our stories.

To discuss or make a booking contact Becca directly on 020 8669 2355 or 07789 722 687
or contact us here.
Or you can download our Dramabuds Schools and Nurseries pdf brochure here.

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